Empirical Paranormal ,is a paranormal investigation group based in the Southern Tier of N.Y. It was founded in April of 2004. 

The team has conducted many investigations with varying and interesting results. Everything from EVP's to full bodied apparition of a shadow person.  

In February of 2014 Empirical Paranormal, was named an affiliate to Ghost Adventurers.  It is a privilege to be part of the GAC family.  ​

Our team focuses on searching for  proof of spirit intervention, and using the latest technology the results have been outstanding. We also do clearings, many times we find nothing with tools but we can find metaphysically. So if your interested and want to learn more, feel free to explore our site and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/empirical.paranormal

​Currently we are looking to do investigations for places believed to be haunted. We have a very professional demeanor and our services our free of charge, however donations are accepted and most appreciated since we are non profit and use our own money to fund this service. We are also available for lectures/presentations, ghost council, events, tabling, consultation, teaching,, media and media consultant, working with other teams and more.
Please contact us to set one up.  Serious inquires only please.


The Mission: EP will study and research the paranormal of all types and serve the community by investigating, researching, and presenting the client answers and peace of mind. We also do this for our team and the paranormal field. We collaborate with other teams and partnership with other people in related paranormal fields as UFO, crypto zoology and more.

Vision: EP will be there for the community in time of need or just plain curiosity of what is going on at their residence or place of business. We will research and find answers, para-unity, partnerships with others, as a driving force in the paranormal community. We will volunteer in community events and projects as we raise money for charities.

Values: We are personally dedicated and committed to the field of the paranormal and to improving people's lives. We treat all with care, respect and dignity. We are a team of integrity in all we do. We have the public trust and we follow through on every communication to us such as calls, email, and letters. We seek new ways, ideas and hold true to what already works. We work well with others including all entities. We are accepting of all walks of life, all ways of life and all life choices.   

We provide leadership in the paranormal field. 

We are Community Paranormal Specialists (CPS) that have the knowledge, information, and procedures in place  to assist, help, and resolve issues and problems for our clients. Disclaimer: This is not an exact science. We use compelling evidence. Activity can increase before, during or after and investigation. Activity can decrease before during and after an investigation.
Anyone not listed on our team page that claims to be a Empirical Paranormal  member is NOT and does not speak for us. Contact us as this would need to be resolved.
Any site with our web address listed as advertising that has palm reading, tarot or other types of crafts like this and or YouTube where weird wacky things are on them is not Empirical business organization posting and  is in no way a reflection of  this team. Thank You!